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Please use this new form for all monthly grantee expense reimbursement requests to WisTAF. Make sure that you select the correct agency name and the correct grant program that applies to your reimbursement request. 

WisTAF is soliciting applications for interest in grants that would be funded from WisTAF's current surplus of IOLTA income, if recommended by the Finance Committee. This potential grant opportunity is open to all current recipients of WisTAF's Direct Legal Services grants but there is no guarantee that any agency's application will be approved or funded. Applications are due by June 3, 2024.

If approved by the WisTAF Board, these grants would be one-time grants with no expectation that they will be renewed or offered again. Applicants are urged to have a plan for how to pay for any ongoing costs with other (non-WisTAF) funds. WisTAF will not honor requests for Legal Aid Advancement grant replacement funding in future Direct Legal Services or other grant cycles.

This form is for use by recipients of WisTAF DVSA grants